Embedded Systems Solutions

  • Serving embedded developers and users since 1983
  • Custom software and system design and implementation
  • Applications ranging from model railroad accessories to military flight simulators
  • Microcontrollers a specialty

We design with low-cost, 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and fixed-point DSPs, as well as PCI- and CPCI-bus components, and our royalty-free OSes and kernels conserve your cash, too. We can do your job without blowing your budget!

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UNIX Consulting

  • Solving problems for Texas' Unix, Linux and xBSD users since 1986
  • Custom system design and integration
  • Custom software design
  • Programming in C, C++, shell, Perl, m4 and other Unix languages
  • Hardware interfacing
  • Device drivers

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Embedded application products

To view our growing collection of low-cost, high-quality products made possible by embedded microcontrollers, click here.

Other products

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Tired of paying big prices for little batteries just because you don't need a bucketfull? We've got the solution..

Hardware History Hunter's Corner

Vintage machines
An intermittently updated commentary on interesting or unusual old computers. Click here.

Vintage miscellany
An occasional review of strange, old components, peripherals, subassemblies, media, whatever. Click here.

Those #^*%@! bipolar monolithics
A series: the hardware historian discusses classic digital ICs. Click here.

Hard data
A resource for research, including programmers' reference manuals for classic machines and datasheets on historic microprocessors Click here.

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