Miniscribe I brochure 1981: An early product offering from the world's most (in)famous disk drive company



      Intel 4004 family/MCS-4 1972: Here's where it all began (well, some of it, anyway)

      Motorola MCM6664A 1982: Wow, a pin left over! (No, it didn't begin with the 1-Mb generation. Heard of pin-1 refresh?)

      Zilog Z89391 1994: A 64K DSP from Zilog in an 84-pin PLCC? Believe it!


Short Datasheets

      DEC DCT11-AA 1983: PDP-11 on a stick!


User manuals

      Miniscribe I Product Manual 1981: The OEM manual for the Miniscribe 1006 and 1012


Software manuals

      GE/Dartmouth BASIC Reference Manual 1965: Yes, this is the one. Not the world's oldest language; it just seems like it.


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